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September 16, 2005


I am sure we had them just can't remember them right now. Some of those names are pretty funny, some are pretty awesome.

OK I for one think the good old nick names were really cool.We also had our bunch,,, my mom's nick name was,, ween,Although her first given name was Gladys seh never knew it till she was well into her teens. Us grandkids were given nick names too, diddle,,cheb,,wap,,wrent,, I can't think of the rest. My mother then gave my 2 oldest girls names to, stinkeroo and poopadoo. We moved 2000 miles away to get out before we had anymore.

We have a family name here locally. They were all well known characters. The Eckleys. Pook, Monk, Wick, and Tick and Rick.

My mom was Shady and her brothers were Frog and Peachy. Growing up it seemed perfectly normal to have uncles named after a fruit and an amphibian. It was only a few years ago I realized how odd these nicknames were.

I called my dear grandmother, Gramillo, and she called me Jamillo. She has been gone for 14 years and our pet names for each other are so precious to me.

That is hilarious! I used to call my Papaw: Papaw Hawsin'. And my Aunt Glenda: Aunt Bug-us.

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