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August 18, 2005


enjoy your trip!

I used to live in Philadelphia and Mom and Dad came for a visit and we made the trek to D.C. Dad would not let me drive even though I’d just spent a month in the area covering vacations for other managers in the company (It isn’t easy being a farmers daughter…no jokes please!).
Of course we drove in circles—some of those the wrong way down one way streets—with me stomping on my imaginary brake the back seat and Mom harping on both of us. It’s hard to get your bearings when map doesn’t say things like “‘go south after Jeffy Wiley’s old place.” The type of directions he’s fond of giving me.
Dad finally pulled over in Georgetown muttering that he was never going back there. And he hasn’t.
Things have changed in the last fifteen years…and for the better. He let me drive to the State Fair last night for us to see Garrison Keillor. And those trips close to home are always my favorites.

Enjoy your trip. I agree - it a much better place to visit than to live.

I was in D.C. for the first time a couple of years ago. There must be a mountain missing somewhere, I think, because of all of the stone buildings lining Constitution Ave

I enjoy being a tacky tourist in DC too. I've been there three times, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We rented bikes and toodled around. The Lincoln Memorial still brings tears to my eyes.
I've been to Harrisburg, PA and toured their capitol building. It is gorgeous!
I also played mini-golf by some water there. I can't remember the place, but it was some kind of family fun center with a ball field and other stuff.
Have a great time!

OOOOOOOOOOO COME ON!!! I get back in the know and you go on vacation, man what is up with that. Have fun!!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful time!!!!

If anyone ever gets a chance, Jerry gives the BEST tour of DC. He even has a DC Oddity Tour!

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