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July 15, 2005


I resemble that remark.(ha-ha)I love your blog.

I do too. My husband and I share an account. He takes the debit/atm and I have the check book. This can cause some problems if you know what I mean. Everymorning I have to get online to make sure there is still money there. Another thing about women and checks, we can find the cutest and prettiest checks you ever did see!! Little details like that are important to us. I like your writing btw.

Cute and pretty checks? That's it. My brain just hemorrhaged. Don't ya know I have the Deluxe Safety Paper checks with the wide choice of colors: blue, green, and yellow. What ever is the cheapest.

Welcome aboard and thanks for the compliment!

Hi Jerry! If you get your checks at the bank they are not the cheapest!! women know these things. The little pleasures in life all add up and sometimes they amount to something. I followed Cliff over here. Cliff is a great guy, did I say that? Just in case he reads this!!! I will be back....now who said that? ;)

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